In Memoriam to Daniel J. Francisco

What can one say…a body blow to his wife and family, and to the his very large musical family of which, we are lucky enough to be members.

Tears and smiles well up on reflection of this generous, warm, witty lover of life.

Daniel would make you laugh at his wit, make smile when sharing his passionate and quirky observations on life and music, he would inspire you with his generosity and selflessness…a musical talent, a bon vivant, enjoying great food, great wine and always, sharing and bringing people he loved and admired into the circle… helping raise money and caring for his friend and band mate, Douglas Pintka. His generosity was endless… so it seemed.

Friend, husband, musician, commentator on life, lover of all things beautiful and meaningful, story teller, composer, entrepreneur…. Yes Daniel, you are the most interesting man in the world.

If I don’t see you no more in this world, I’ll see you on the next one…. don’t be late!

Rest in Peace

New Room, New Date – Mason Jar, Mahwah

Seems like great Barbecue, Steaks, Drinks and unBrothers are a winning combination.

We are happy to announce that we will be playing in Mahwah at the Mason Jar, Saturday March, 26 at 9:30 pm

This is a new room for us and a great turnout is expected. Please make a reservation to get a primo seat.

Thanks for the support and we look forward to seeing you there.

Rest in Peace Doug Pintka

Doug Pintka

The Music community suffered a great loss when Fillet of Soul front man, Doug Pintka, lost his battle with cancer this week.

For four decades he led one of the kick ass bands in the region and made many people happy with his deep baritone voice and funky soulfulness.

We salute your life friend. We were happy to know you and lucky enough to have had a chance to make music with you.

I know you are joining the the most magnificent jam session on the other side. Until we meet again we will miss you.

Rest in Peace Brother Doug.

November is unBrothers Month

November is a busy month for unBrothers. The summer touring season is over and we are back to doing that unBrothers thing. We have missed you all and hope you have missed us too.

We have several gigs starting with;

November 13 at Twin Door Tavern in Maywood NJ 9:30

November 25 Thanksgiving Eve at Ranchero Cantina, Emerson NJ 9:30

November 28 Post Thanksgiving Blast at Pete’s Saloon, Elmsford, NY 9:30