Tonight we are lighting up the iconic AB&G (Allendale Bar & Grill) in Ramsey, NJ.  If you have not seen unBrothers, you will have a chance to get up close and personal in this intimate setting.

Great food and of course, great drinks! We suggest making a reservation if you want a primo seat.

We hit at 9:00 pm

Here are the details

0 Welcome to the new unBrothers Website.

Well to be honest, this thing started out to be just kind of for fun.

It had been too long since John Freund & John Alden played together. Drummer Paul Finbow was available, and after a bit of frustration finding other players, Mr. Freund decided to kick bass on the Hammond pedals and Mr. Alden dusted off his electric guitar. Suddenly, they had this little band ready to make some noise and raise some beer money.

A few gigs here and there… and everybody was having fun.

But Alden wanted to focus on singing. Along comes guitarist Dave Gellis, and now things get a little more interesting.

The game kicks up. Freund wants to stop juggling so many balls and give the band (and himself) more flexibility. So he asks the band about getting a bass player. Dave says, “I know a guy!” Enter Jeff Gellis, and the name “unBrothers” becomes ironic.

Now we start to gig kind of regularly and we notice other musicians start showing up to the gigs to check it out.

Paul F departs the band and John F calls up his old friend and Xmembers’ bandmate Rodney Howard, who was on hiatus from Avril Lavigne.  This lasted almost 30 seconds because Avril released a new album and away went Rodney on tour.

Welcome, Dave Hirschberg; not only a great drummer but what a singer! So now we have great players, 3 lead vocalists, some crazy arrangements, two Johns, two Daves, two brothers and a buzz happening!

We figured it’s time put a web site. We would love to hear from you. What songs you would like to hear us mash-up, maybe some clubs you think we should play, maybe you’re having a party…..we know a really good band.

Thanks for all the support! We are honored!

Each and every one of these musicians have the god given talent to transport us to a place where we FEEL all the music we have lived!,” said Lilyan Guerra Hallihan in a Facebook comment. “Love it!”